There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

Warning: the purpose of this journal (after having an LJ for almost 4 years now) is to have the ability to post different fonts, gifs and pictures on many communities for the lack of a paid account. 

There is no point in beating around the bush and pretending I update you occasionally with my boring life. I don't even keep a diary/journal in real life actually. 

My journal may look dead and dormant but I'm usually floating around on communtities somewhere in the LJ world if you want to chat. Want to chat privately, send a pm and I'll get back to you.

Have a Dagger picture for a cookie!


Happy lurking!

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 Thesis is finally finished and submitted. When I picked it up more the Thesis Binding Centre I *almost* shed a tear I was that emotional. That is the end of college except for a few exams next week (when Queen Elizabeth is over - the joy!).

I must apply finally for driving test, I've decided it's time to get it over and done with.


Little Boots - "Remedy" officially stuck in my head now.

And still suffering from a "cold" (it could be hayfever, it could be flu) nothing appears to get rid off it. Apart from that, fit as a fiddle.

Horribly clamy today, its not even warm! I feel like I could easily fall asleep, just trying to keep myself active.
puppet ronnie


I finally joined Twitter.

I take an age to join social sites and my curiosity got the better of me this morning. It took me months to join Bebo and I think Myspace deleted my account because I never did anything with it.

Sure I had my LJ account for I think 3 years and I've only started actually using it properly in the past few months!

Anyway I'm currently suffering my annual summer flu, still can't understand why I get it each year around this time but my conspiracy theories are leading me to think that it's too hot one day, and I continue to wear summery clothes on other days when it gets cooler. Well that's the best theory I can come up with.

Account settings changed....finally.

I never realised LJ changed my settings for notifications until recently! How stupid is that?

After spending ooohhh!...........30 minutes looking for the "notify me by email button", I have successfully turned it back on!

So in case you thought I was ignoring you all, I rely on my email notifications because I am still LJ illiterate. You only need to look at my attempts at LJ cuts.

In other news, Photobucket is back up and running, although they're threatening me to get a premium account because my album's almost full. Yeah right, they state that I can upload endless amounts of photos and gifs but apparently endless = 1 GB. Not fair!

So in that case in the next few days, I might just throw up any art I did via image shack so I can make space on Photobucket. You see Ellie = poor student who can only live off free accounts on the internet.

And also, I managed to get that Cosmic Love song! Woot woot!!!

Florence and The Machine anyone?

Anyone heard of Florence and The Machine?

Great song I've just heard by her called Cosmic Love. It's featured in the O2 Ireland tv ad at the moment.

Unfortunately her album hasn't been released yet but I'm hoping a demand might consider her to release this track fairly sharpish! If not, I suppose I'll just wait until her album's released in July.

Oh yeah, and that's totally me dancing by myself like the guy in the video (that's if and when people see me dance!)



Ok, so I gave everyone the link to my photobucket account (which had tons and tons of marvelous football related gifs that I've collected over the past few months from all over the internet) and now photobucket have written an email to me saying that my bandwidth is reaching its limit.

Boo hiss I know. :(

So to be precautionary, I will be privitizing my account until the end of the month.

I'm sure you've all snatched the gifs you've wanted anyway!

Just a warning incase you're wondering how you cannot get access into my account.


More tweaked pictures!

So I said I'd post any, so here's a few!

I'll admit once I began I took any tutorials from <lj community>icon_tutorial</lj community> as gospel, every little detail I had to follow. Nowadays, it's just a case of doing what I want to do, adjust different colour selections, curves, levels etc. to my own preference.

So without further ado, here's a few more:
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Hope you have a good day!